Happy 2018

These blue and white cups were made in 2017.  I will be focusing on making 100 cups through January and February 2018.  Throughout the winter months I will be posting the progression.

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Maiolica vase with Floral Arrangement

This beautiful arrangement was created by local LIC florist, Floresta.  When visiting old friends during the holidays it is so gratifying to see how they appreciate and use my work to enhance their home.

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Before and After Maiolica Summer 2016

Summer’s winding down and it’s that time of year when wood firing at Peter’s Valley Craft Center becomes the focus.  But this before and after Maiolica image is so cool I just had to share it.  I demonstrated the maiolica technique of glazing a hand built earthenware plate at my Earthworks, NYC workshops this summer.  The image shows you how the painted surface looks both before and after the final glaze firing.  On the top half the plate has been decorated over the white maiolica glaze and then fired.  There is a big change in the color and brightness!

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“Reflections 15″, at the Kingsborough Art Gallery

“Bird in the City”

Thrown and altered earthenware planter with black slip and paper resist.  2015

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Wood fire vase with Slip Deco

Caribe glazed and slip decorated woodfire vase from recent firing in October of 2014

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Skyline Vase with Birds

One of recent series of thrown and altered earthenware vases with paper resistslip decorating technique

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Four Seasons Series: Spring Surfaces

This is the first piece completed in a series depicting the Four Seasons which was on view recently at The Gotham Center during the Long Island City Arts Open 2014 happening. Brickhouse Ceramic Art Center was invited to exhibit works by artists affiliated with the center. It was a wonderful event and a treat to meet so many neighbors who support and/or create art in any medium.

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Yorkville Holiday Sale and Exhibit

This is the first year for me to participate at this upcoming event.  Looking forward to it and will be showing works in maiolica decorated and slip decorated earthenware, as well as some stoneware pieces fresh out of the gas kiln at Kingsborough.

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Last Flea of the Year!

Come to the LIC Flea this Sunday, Oct. 27. I'll be there for the last day of the season!

That’s right!  It’s the last day of the LIC Flea for this season and I’ll be there from 10:00 to 6:00!  Come by, drink a beer, eat some good food, stock up on the fresh fruit and vegetables and enjoy the last warm days of the year!  Also I’m offering a 10% discount for all LIC neighbors!

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Pots destined for Wood Fire at Peter’s Valley

Here are some of my pieces in various stages of making that were destined to be fired at the Peter’s Valley wood kiln last weekend.  Oh well, thanks to the Government shutdown, this event will be delayed until early next year!  Stay tuned!

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